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I present to your attention a script of an online cinema found on the vastness of the Chinese Internet. He translated it into English, because for me it’s easier to understand the meaning of the translation. The open source script, built on the ThinkPHP5 framework, has a flexible templating language that can be used to implement almost anything. The script contains the following modules:
Collections (Selections),

Installation instructions:
1. Unpack the contents of the archive to the root of the site;
2. Create an empty database and import the file into it;
3. In the application / database.php file we find the following lines:
// Server address
‘hostname’ => ‘’, // Database server
// Data storage name
‘database’ => ‘name’, // Name databases
// Username
‘username’ => ‘username’, // Database username
// Password
‘password’ => ‘password’, // Database password
Enter your database data;
4. Enter the admin panel at your_domain / lunwt.php Login: admin Password:
aubauza1991 In the upper right corner, click Cache -> Clean cache. All!

I decided to upload the script, tk. it takes too much time. It is also interesting to know your opinion on the further development of the script. Waiting for comments) (I can throw a demo, upon request)

Official site: Demo in Chinese:


PS For development 🙂
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Download : Apple CMS – Movie Streaming Script

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