UserTrack v3.2.5 – click analytics script

With classic analytics software, you can find out that user X went from page A to page B and then left. Have you ever wondered what users are actually doing on your pages? How they move the cursor (note that 80% of the time the user’s eyes follow the cursor) when they click a button, how they interact with your javascript widgets, which part of your site gets the most attention, and so on. UserTrack does just that!

Why would I use a self-hosted analytics script instead of a service?

You may already use other analytics services such as Google Analytics, Hotjar or Fullstory. They are all great services but sometimes you just want something that is entirely in your control and provides better privacy and performance for you and your users.

  • Complete privacy. No data is shared with third-parties. You have full control of all the data stored.
  • You decide what user data is being tracked.
  • No 3rd party cookies, useful for better GDPR compliance.
  • Unlimited everything: pageviews, recordings, heatmaps, segments, events, etc.
  • Your site will load faster (less JavaScript loaded).
  • Your dashboards will load faster (highly optimized), so you will be able to analyze your data much quicker.
  • You stop empowering huge corporations and competitors by not giving away your stats and your users data.
  • High quality support to help with installation and any problems you might encounter.

Demo :

Download : UserTrack v3.2.5 – click analytics script

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